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Confuto ergo sum – the repression as a way to rule

Repression over the world is a matter of the day to day: costumed in thousands of forms it exists as a burden for the societies.
These days are a new and unfortunate example of the repression as a way to shut up those who think different. Today’s scenario: Tehran (Iran).
Understanding as a universal right the freedom of expression, every single human being has the right to say what he/she thinks. Demonstrators in Tehran have taken the streets to express their thoughts and feelings about the past election in Iran but they have been target of the violent repression of the stated goverment and the ruling power structures in that country.
Apart from the democratic exercise itself expressed by the iraninan people in the polls, which might have been (or might have not been) an election fraude, it is unthinkable and unforgiveable to repress by any mean those who have something to say against that process.
I, as thousands of persons around the world, deeply express my entire rejection to any violent action against the iranian people. I support their right to express what they think about what happens in their country, moreover I support their right to demand respect from their goverment, and last but not least I thinkg that the iranian goverment must respect the civil rights over any other thing.
(one of the thousands of videos being posted by the iranian people these unfortunate days)

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