The cost of Democracy (when dying is the price)

Is it possible to imagine a Democracy installed fully by pacific means? I am sure it isn’t.
Moreover when Democracy means a direct defiance to the ruling power sructures.
Mexico, my country, is a good example about how much the Democracy costs. Almost 100 after the beginning of the Mexican Revolution (1910), from which the current political power structures came from, it is sad to admit that the social inequity existing 100 year ago is still a constant today and that the sources of it are far away from being extinguished.
However, the mexican revolution also gave us examples of people who did not fear to face the dictatorial power based on his personal beliefs that a real and free Democracy would be the only way to follow for a nation who urged itself to finish with the social and economical inequity lived for centuries in this country. Based on those democratic principles, it was Don Francisco I. Madero, the first one who defied the power structures, represented by the old president Don Profirio Díaz. The history (not the official one), tells us that Madero’s mistake might have been to think that the country was ready for a real democratic state. But it wasn’t and Madero was killed by means of the old and still underlying power stuctures.
Mexico is a very different country now, and even when there are still thousands of moral debts with many people yet, we have to recongnize that there are also many rights that have been conquered by the mexican society, at very high costs, and one of the is the freedom of speach.
These days many people in Iran is fighting as well to conquer what they believe to be a real Democracy. Unfortunately many of them are paying the highest cost on it. That is why I post here below a link to a site dedicated to a 25 year old girl who was killed two days ago by the iranian state police during a protest in Tehran: Neda Soltani was her name (which means voice in Persian).,8599,1906049,00.html


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